MOEPP Clan of Warzone 2100 - Manufactured on equipment which processes peanuts

Welcome to the homepage for MOEPP! We're a Warzone 2100 clan dedicated to the weird stuff.
Most of us are slightly insane, trolls, or slightly insane. Some are also trolls.

Clan members enjoy things like spamming vtols from the spectator slot on Trih or Triumvirate,
playing maps like this or this, and spamming bug tracks assault gun as your only
weapon on high oil ffa.

MOEPP was founded by Subsentient, who plays as SubSen MOEPP.
Before heading MOEPP, he was co-founder and repeatedly a leader of the now-dissolved ISA Clan.

The clan theme song is Mind Control by Sovereign Sect.


  • Don't be an asshole.
  • Don't cheat.
  • Don't be a sore loser or a sore winner.
  • Say gg before you ragequit.
  • Listen to Subsentient.
  • Fear the gerbils.
  • Members

    Current members include:
    SubSen MOEPP
    Arcadia MOEPP
    Queen MOEPP
    Dsheck MOEPP
    JamesNZ MOEPP
    bLizZaRd MOEPP
    Ortega MOEPP
    M-Boss MOEPP
    Apep MOEPP
    wei2912 MOEPP
    tiCochon MOEPP
    bids MOEPP
    term MOEPP
    core MOEPP
    Sniper MOEPP
    wfaster MOEPP
    driver4 MOEPP
    Drona MOEPP
    NightFury MOEPP
    Taily MOEPP
    Lunchbox MOEPP


    MOEPP has an IRC channel of its own on That channel is "##moepp".
    There is an artificial user -- a bot, named aqu4 who is
    always present in the channel. Typing "$wz" or "aqu4: wz" will get aqu4 to list current games in the lobby.
    You may also want to see "$help" to get a better idea of what else she can do.
    To connect to MOEPP IRC, click here.

    Join MOEPP

    If you are the kind of person who wants to join MOEPP, that's more than qualification to join us.
    Except we also can't accept noobs. Your skill will be judged by Subsentient himself in a 1v1.
    You may choose high or low oil, Subsentient is skilled at both. You aren't expected to win,
    or even give him a good fight, just to demonstrate competence with technology and understanding of what weapons are good for what.
    To set up a trial game, contact Subsentient via email at,
    or find him on MOEPP's IRC channel.